Rebel Star

old good tactical games online

How to play

Just click on appropriate image at home page and start playing.

2P - for two player game.

Ok. Good. But how to play?

First of all, select difficulty level from 1 (very easy) to 8 (very hard).

(Only for single player game)
Use following keys to control cursor:

up leftQ upW up rightE
leftA   rightD
down leftZ downX down rightC
Use menu (blue text at bottom-right) to decide what keys you can press now.

S - Select unit
0 - End turn (immediatelly, without confirmation)
N - Switch to next unit
J - Centre map
F - Fire
K - Cancel
Use Q-W-E-A-D-Z-X-C keys to control sight in fire mode. Than use menu to determine availible fire options.

U - Opportunity fire (if unit will have enought action points at end of turn and emeny unit will appear on line of fire, unit will shoot)