Rebel Star

old good tactical games online

What I need to play the game?

Modern browser and computer. Generally, if you can watch YouTube, you can play Rebel Star here.

I almost broke my keyboard, but nothing happens

If you press the keys, but game didn't react at all, probably you use any browser except Internet Explorer. This is good, but you must click with mouse on game to allow game to catch keys.

The game is slow as hell

Flash emulator need a powerful computer, but today almost every computer has such power (1GHz processor and 1Gb RAM). If you didn't try to play game at very old computer, just close some programs and browser tabs.

Ok. Good. But how to play?

First of all, select difficulty level from 1 (very easy) to 8 (very hard).

(Only for single player game)
Use following keys to control cursor:

up leftQ upW up rightE
leftA   rightD
down leftZ downX down rightC
Use menu (blue text at bottom-right) to decide what keys you can press now.

S - Select unit
0 - End turn (immediatelly, without confirmation)
N - Switch to next unit
J - Centre map
F - Fire
K - Cancel
Use Q-W-E-A-D-Z-X-C keys to control sight in fire mode. Than use menu to determine availible fire options.

U - Opportunity fire (if unit will have enought action points at end of turn and emeny unit will appear on line of fire, unit will shoot)